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Do you know you are capable of more? 

And yet you feel stuck and uncertain how to reach your potential? 


I get it!  In 2014 I was stuck! I was super frustrated with where I was financially and in my business. I felt that I lacked purpose, and needed more, but I was not sure what that more was. 

I have been a salon owner for the past 20+ years. When it came to wanting more, I felt a sense of guilt and shame. I felt like I should be grateful instead of wanting more!

I soon realized through this work that wanting more is a natural creative process and that there is a way to achieve more, and that it is actually our birthright! 

I believe we are all here to live to our fullest potential and unapologetically rise to the best version of ourselves. 




After the past 10 years of studying this book with some of the most influential thought leaders, I know this isn't about just monetary riches—this is about being rich inside. This is about having an unwavering belief and faith in yourself. This is about really claiming what it is you say you want and becoming the person you dream about!!! Einstein said...

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." 


Your dreams are real, and they deserve a chance!

If you are lacking clarity, or maybe you feel like you lost the passion, desire, or confidence to really reach what you truly know you are capable of, then this is for you! 

I am so excited to share with you Napoleon Hill's 13 Principles on acquiring riches! 

This changed my life! 


Christine has been the catalyst for positively changing my life & creating the self-confidence in myself to take action towards my dream life! The community she builds is unlike anything I have been a part of. 
When I first joined, I was feeling lost & fed up! Through her expertise & the safe community she built, I now have the confidence to take action toward a more purposeful life & feel unstoppable!!!
~Kallie Knob


I am ready to reach my potential!

Are you ready? 

Desire: The starting point of all riches

What you desire and what you think about the most, is an accurate picture of what you will become in the future.


"Where focus goes energy flow" – Toni Robbins


  • Clarity on your desire 
  • Reignite your passion 
  • Accountability to your goals 
  • Focus on your desire 
  • Growth environment 
  • Group of like minded people 
  • Challenge your beliefs 


Planning and Failure

People are only broke because they lack a sound plan, from which to make money.

“Your achievement can be no greater than your plan are sound”. – Napoleon Hill


  • Defined goals
  • Clear action steps 
  • A  growth plan 
  • Understand you needs
  • Tap into new ideas 
  • Make better decisions 
  • Get past average 


The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious is your computer's hard disk of thoughts and memories.

"There are no limitations of the mind except those we acknowledge" Napoleon Hill 


  • Track your disempowering thoughts
  • Make use of your imagination 
  • Find your creative genius
  • Become an abundant thinker 
  • Cultivate the habits of positive thoughts
  • Claim your power


6 Week MasterClass

Starts: Monday, April 3rd, 2023 at 8:00 PM  EST 

"There are no limitations of the mind except those we acknowledge" ~Napoleon Hill