My Story:


My parents were my hero’s growing up. My Dad was an entrepreneur who ran his own construction company and my mom was an insurance agent who worked long hours but always
came home to make dinner and managed to make life look easy for me and my 4 older siblings. They both inspired me to not settle for any less than everything you are capable of doing. They also taught me about resilience in the face of adversity and that if you pursue your dreams with
passion then anything is possible!

When I was 8-years old our house burnt down to the ground and my Dad and his company including his brothers came and built a new one while we lived in a trailer. Yes, all five kids my parents, and a dog in a small trailer! It was an experience that would teach me about teamwork,
cooperation, love, and resilience. 


As a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a hairdresser. At age 12 years I colored my hair so I looked like Joan Jett! and it boosted my confidence. Soon I realized that I had a gift for creating “looks” for all my friends.  They loved it because I wasn’t just styling their hair, but also help them explore their identity and self-expression through hairstyling.

I realized I loved the artistic side of hairstyling and also loved helping others feel good about themselves.  At age 21  I started working for the legendary firm Vidal Sassoon.  Behind the glamour and prestige of the brand, there was a rigorous devotion to excellence in the technical and business side of the enterprise.

I rose quickly through the ranks at Vidal Sassoon and took great pride in being part of this industry-leading company.   I learned attention to detail in everything from the haircuts, to color, and even the salon layout and systems. At Vidal Sassoon, God really was in the details! My wonderful time there taught me to achieve mastery in my work and raise my standards for everything I would do after. 

After 8 years and it was time for me to go and grow! So I ventured out on my own and became an independent educator and consultant. After a while, I opened my own business and called it Salon Concrete. Concrete means “ to form together” and for me, it was all about forming a strong foundation to bring together a community of happy employees, partners, and customers.

As my business grew I realized more and more that I loved teaching and coaching even more than styling so I began training to become a certified coach.  I was training as a coach and also teaching and platform artist  for Davines an Italian hair care line, as I was running my salon.  I also managed to get married, have two children, get divorced, while also opening my own retail store!  I was a woman who loved too much and worked too hard and had to look within to find more balance and harmony in life! But things got much harder before they got better! I began to suffer from mysterious ailments including extreme sensitivity to chemicals and mold this led me through the most difficult time of my life.

I lost two homes and one of my salons because of the mold problem and moved 11 times, and spent more than $200,000 on mold remediation!  Fortunately, I learned resilience at an early age and developed what Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck calls a “Growth Mindset,” in other words, I view challenges as learning experiences and I’ve learned a lot!  

There are times I had thought I lost everything only to realize that I gained spiritually more than I ever lost materially! I gained the ability to help people through difficult times by discovering passion and purpose. I found wonderful teachers and mentors to help me along this journey including John Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, Michael Gelb, Brendon Bruchard and Toni Robbins. 

I began my career by serving the hairdressing community from stylist, Salon owners and their teams and since my health challenges, I have expanded to serve many people who are aiming to thrive despite chronic illness and other life challenges. Whatever the difficulty you face in your life now I’m here to help you define your path and achieve your dreams and perform your best! 

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