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Yes, I want to hit my goals!
Don’t let the size of the book fool you, The science of getting rich, is a small but powerful read. I find this condensed “wealth” conscious book to be extremely conducive for anyone where ever they might be at on their journey. This book has broken down for me how to create and maintain “riches” in my mind, health, spirit, relationships, and career. I have been able to hone in on my natural talents and decided to strictly focus on that, and the reward has been tenfold. Give this a go, you’ll be surprised what comes to you!


crazy to me! The growth has been phenomenal! Christine’s depth of knowledge for Wallace D. Wattles book, “The Science of Getting Rich”, helped catapult my personal transformation! Rich is so much more than money. I am grateful for the stretch out of my comfort zone




"Thank you so much for allowing me to see the unseen. In your class, I was able to open my eyes to many possibilities. All my goals that i wanted badly were out of reach, and with a simple exercise, now l feel like I can conquer them all. You extended all your tools to me which has given me a plethora of new ways to view things and do things Thank you for reassuring me that all roads lead to success if only I work towards my full potential."



Take the guesswork and uncertainty out of goal setting and learn how to embrace the creative process. 

Yes, I want to hit my goals!