The Science of Getting Rich

First published in 1910, this was one of the earliest self-help books that explained how to acquire wealth in a scientific way based on metaphysical concepts. Wallace Wattles promises that if you truly grasp the ideas in this book and apply them like a scientific formula, it will be the only book on getting rich that you’ll ever need to read. In The Science of Getting Rich summary, we’ll give an overview of the foundations/ principles behind his approach, as well as the key elements of this scientific formula.

Richness in this book refers to having everything you can possibly want in life, and being successful is about being who you want to be and living to your full potential. It’s much more than money, though money is important given how our society is structured. When you have lots of money and can put it to good use, you can multiply your growth and impact.

According to Wattles, getting rich is an exact science. It works like a set of algorithms, much like the mathematical laws of addition and subtraction. By applying the science in this book, thinking and acting according to with the laws, anyone can get rich. To test if this law is real, you simply need to apply it yourself.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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