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We know your pain. Maybe you are someone who has played by the rules, put in the blood, sweat and tears, but hasn’t realized the success you deserve. Maybe up until now you invested all your time and effort in technical training and put your personal growth and development on the back burner. Maybe your goals have evolved and you don’t know where to begin to make your dreams come true. Maybe you were on a great path and the unexpected has occurred. Maybe you are just beginning your career and want to accelerate your success…

No matter your job experience, chosen career path, and current phase of life, Concrete Education is here to help you reach your potential. Concrete Education is 20 years in the making and brings together the process of leadership, expanding knowledge, skills, best practices, while fostering creativity, connection, community and collaboration.

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We provide prerecorded online courses that can be taken at one’s own pace and revisited unlimited times. Other classes are live and/or in person. Coaching services for you and/or your team are also available. Monitor and manage your team’s progress through certification. Download course material to reference later. Receive notification emails when new courses and new material related to existing course has been added. Ask questions, make comments and interact with a community of likeminded individuals. We launch new courses and workshops on relevant trending topics.

We are on a journey of growth too and can’t wait to get to know you!

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Salon Owner, Educator, Stylist, Industry Speaker and Business Consultant, Christine Zilinski has worn many hats throughout her celebrated career in the professional beauty industry. Through it all, she has always lived true to her personal motto: “Every Strand Counts.” As an educator to stylists, she places
great importance on building relationships.

As a business consultant, this attention to detail influences the systems and procedures Zilinski creates for salons as they service their customers. And, as a salon owner, “Every Strand Counts” means maintaining the stellar reputation that has transformed Zilinski’s
business, Salon Concrete, from a one-stylist operation, into a flourishing business with solid retail revenue, a talented team, and client retention rates that are nearly twice as high as the industry average.

Christine Zilinski’s flourishing career as a salon owner, stylist, industry speaker, trainer and leadership expert is the product of her tremendous dedication and never-ending commitment to personal growth and professional evolution.

Christine has built a strong foundation within the professional beauty industry by adeptly cultivating her skills as both a creative and technical stylist and an industry leader. Early on, she recognized that her gifts for mentoring others were equally if not more important than her abilities behind the chair. Ultimately, fulfillment of her true purpose came when she united her unique skill sets: her talents as a stylist and salon owner with her wisdom and insight as a mentor. These skills enable her to give back to her industry, nurture influential leaders, and help beauty industry professionals reach their highest potential.

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Christine has been inspired by the highly respected leadership trainer, John Maxwell, whose program has enhanced her ability to mentor professionals within the salon industry and beyond, helping them to reach their purpose, vision and goals. She now offers workshops, seminars, mastermind groups and coaching utilizing John Maxwell’s proven leadership methods.

The journey through the many facets of her career began in 1990 when she made her initial entrée into the beauty industry. At Vidal Sassoon, Christine underwent a rigorous education with some of the best hairdressers in the field. Her experience at Sassoon next led her to the New York Salon, where she sharpened her cutting skills and developed an expertise in teaching stylists. At that point she recognized that there was a greater purpose for her. She accepted a position as an instructor at the Academy in Santa Monica, where she taught all program levels and quickly developed a gift for coaching and mentoring talent. This skill became incredibly valuable as she set out to build her own salon team at Salon Concrete.

Our goal is to deliver a high quality learning experience while developing an ongoing relationship with each one of our students. As part of our mission we are working toward elevating the beauty industry and the careers of salon professionals with valuable and dynamic education.


In 2000 Christine created Salon Concrete. Now an award-winning salon with high client retention and a talented team of stylists, the success of the salon speaks volumes about Christine’s professional reputation and business expertise. With a history of success, Christine is backed by extensive professional experience as a creative and technical stylist, 10 years as a Davines National Artistic Team Member, and a certified salon business consultant through Strategies Salon and Spa Business Consulting. She has coached and mentored stylists and salon owners nationwide, including her own home-grown salon team. Under her guidance, salon professionals realize a considerable difference in their bottom line through achievement of far-reaching business goals – increased revenue, creation of a solid leadership team, greater visibility and enhanced salon culture.

A woman of many talents and abilities, Christine also has a big heart and an intense personal desire to give back to her industry and her community. She has organized massive fundraising efforts, including a cut-a-thon for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts ,which was backed by major industry leaders. The event raised $27,000 for victim relief, helping thousands of devastated and displaced Hurricane Sandy survivors.

Christine believes that part of life is giving back and having gratitude. She strives to impact people’s lives on a daily basis by encouraging us all to embrace our unique vision, exploring the art of possibility, and continuing to push the limits to be the best that we can possibly be.

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Let Us Help You Grow

Join the ranks of entrepreneurs, business professionals, hair stylists and artist looking to evolve!  

Using 30 years of beauty industry experience and over 20 years of business ownership, Concrete Education founder and owner, Christine Zilinski, creates an innovative, interactive program for industry and non-industry professionals.   

Led by Christine, subscribers are immersed in a high quality experience dedicated to advancing professionals and their careers. 

Connect and Christine will send you the 5 Steps For Your Best Day

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