Discover how to live life on your terms without trying so hard to figure it out! 


Join me an amazing group of dedicated growth seekers on a 5-week journey! 

This 5 week's study will be focused on "Working With The Law" by Raymond Holliwell. 

Each week for 5 weeks we will meet via zoom and go through each chapter of this incredible book. 

As Napoleon Hill from Think And Grow Rich says " No individual may have greater power without availing him or herself of The Master Mind."

Ever wish you had a group of people that were as crazy as you are about designing their lives? Well, look no further, you found them! 

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Join an amazing community dedicated to internal growth. 

This group aims to raise our conscious awareness and grow within to guide others to rise and raise theirs! 


A few things you need to know. 

  • Commit to weekly sessions- 8:00 AM EST Tuesdays 
  • Be all in 100% participation
  • Must have a Growth Mindset
  • Be prepared for each session


Yes, count me in!

By invitation only. 

This group is by invitation only, we have worked hard on ourselves and are highly dedicated to self-development.  To maintain the highest level of collective consciousness we must make sure anyone added to this group is ready to achieve high-level results in their lives.