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The Maxwell Method of Leadership


A Leader's Journey
A Leadership Development Program based on
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell

A 10-week Masterclass featuring John Maxwell and John Maxwell Company CEO, Mark Cole.
Over the course of 10 weeks, we will explore each of the 21 Laws and help you discover your leadership strengths and challenges.

  • A 10-week Masterclass (over 12 weeks):
    • The start date is from January 17th to April 11th
    • Every Monday at 7:00 PM EST for 60 minutes via Zoom
    • Two Mondays of NO meeting: February 14th and March 7th

    If you cannot attend the live, we will have a replay.

    The resource that you will get:
    • A signed copy of The 21 laws Book
      (Must sign up within 24 hours to be guaranteed delivery for January 17th) 
    • Everyone will get a copy. Just not guaranteed to arrive before the 17th.
    • Participants Guide
    • 21 Teaching Videos
    • Certification of Completion

    We will have a private Facebook group for this Masterclass only.

    Upon completion of this training, you will have the knowledge and skills to effectively use the Maxwell Method of Leadership to lead others confidently.


Who's ready?

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Join us as we discuss how John Maxwell's book Leadershift has changed our personal and business lives.

Mentoring Leaders will want to use the book
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership to develop the next generation of leaders on their team.

All will benefit from its wisdom.


A 10-week Masterclass (over 12 weeks)


Your Certified John Maxwell Team Facilitators

Christine Zilinski

  •  10 years working as a stylist/educator for Vidal Sassoon 
  • Trainings as a certified strategies coach
  • 20 Years - Owner Concrete, salon, and education
  • John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Speaker & Trainer
  • TEDx Speaker 

Rosemary Tejeda

  • Based in Long Island NY
  • Has been in the beauty business now for 30 years Master stylist and colorist
  • Director of Education  for 20 years
  • John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Speaker & Trainer
  • Artistic Team/Educator member of Vivienne Mackinder for 15years

Tina Black

  • Owns four Paul Mitchell Schools
  • Co-Owner Paul Mitchel, The Salon
  • Created student-run Be Nice Teams
  • John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Speaker & Trainer
  • Keynote Speaker and Author

Nuala Guildea

  • 30+ years of experience in the professional beauty industry
  • Owned and operated salons & spas
  • Coaching and Consulting salon owners and leaders
  • Former Vidal Sassoon
  • Former GM  @ ARROJO NYC
  • John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Speaker & Trainer