Training and Developing Others

Apr 21, 2020

What is your greatest frustration when it comes to training and developing others? I can tell you I have had many. The one that dominates is my lack of responsibility and gratitude for the opportunity I worked so hard to get.

AI got on the floor after a vigorous training program in New York. Although going through their apprenticeship it was one of the greatest achievements,  I soon realized that I wanted to be involved in education and teaching. So, shortly after this, I moved to Santa Monica, California. 

This is where I really embraced the understanding of my passion for training and developing others. I found my true purpose!

What was missing from this picture was my maturity to understand the responsibility involved with this. I was not familiar with the method of training and the spiritual exchange that happens in this process. The modelling part was what I struggled with. It was not the skill! It was about modelling the person I wanted to be.

I gradually gained a  deeper understanding of how valuable the relationship between the trainer and a trainee was and how my actions y affected my relationship with the person I was teaching.

Here are the steps that I have used to help me train.

  1. Demonstrating 
  2. Believe in what you are teaching 
  3. Model what you teach 
  4. The trainee understands what you are teaching 
  5. The end result is relative to the needs of the trainee
  6. Training is complete when the trainee becomes the trainer 
  7. The training is complete when the trainer does not have any more feedback to provide. 

After 20 years of personal development, I can say that this is not something that you learn once and walk away. You can use this seven-step process each time you train someone in your company for any job role. If you are a trainer, business owner, or guests service specialist, this process works. 

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