Leading through Uncertainty with Conscious Thoughts

Mar 30, 2020

Are you wondering how you can lead in these times? Are you possibly thinking this is too big and you don’t have the answers, so how can you be a leader?

Take a breath. Now take an even deeper breath. In his book, The Seat of the Soul Gary Zukav says, “Becoming heart-centred means choosing to act from the loving parts of your personality instead of frightened parts of it.”

Your personality is built of all your past experiences that are stored in the Subconscious mind. These stored thoughts are thoughts we tend to draw from, especially in fearful moments.

What if you were to be able to strengthen your memory bank with thoughts of passion, love, and beauty? What if when you came across hard times, you had complete faith and knew with certainty that it was going to be okay and you would rise in some way?

It’s times like these that we feel almost entitled to react because we can really choose the “life sucks” attitude easily and justify it.

I challenge you today to choose love and not fear. To take this time to start filling your cup with good thoughts.

  1. Read inspirational books
  2. Listen to inspiring podcasts
  3. Surround yourself with positive people.

There are some books that I have intentionally started reading at this time. If I break them down, they are all teaching me different insights as a leader. They help me navigate my way through uncertainty and ground myself. The books are:

  1. 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader by John Maxwell - Teaching me how to be a leader and the qualities I must possess
  2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - Teaching me how to keep my mind focused
  3. Man Search for Meaning by Victor Frank - Teaching me through the eyes of someone who went through torture and pain and survived the Holocaust. This gives me the courage to know that if this man can find the resilience to get through that incredibly trying time, we can all find the courage to get through this virus.

Breathe deep and know that we don’t always have all the answers, and that’s alright. We need to look towards our higher self and allow this greater force to do the work.

Our job is to start leading ourselves and get grounded so that as leaders, we are able to serve our families, teams and the community.

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