Is it That They Don't Care or Are We Lack of Training

Aug 14, 2020

Do you get frustrated as a Leader because you feel there are so many things that are not working the way you want them to?

I want to challenge you in this area. Could it be that the system and training process is failing your team? No, it is actually the team that's failing. Could it be that they don’t feel empowered?

Well, you don’t want to miss this! It’s big! There are many times that I have to really dig and ask myself some questions as a leader, and a very important one that I ask is – Did we equip them with everything they needed to be a success at our company?

Recently, I started to volunteer for one of my favorite mentors, Paul Martinelli. He is an unbelievable human being and one of the very best entrepreneurs I know. I watched him build a coaching company from nothing to 18,000 members right before my eyes.

What this process is teaching me is how we must build systems to help people succeed. I am going to share 10  things that I’ve learned so far in this process.

  1. No task that we want our employees to do is too small for a process or system. 
  2. What we document is a system – If it’s in our head, we cannot measure the training. 
  3. Enrol people to help build the company. If the people in your company can think about what doesn’t work, they have the ideas of what will work and build a system.
  4. It is critical to be detailed and make sure that all the steps are in the system. 
  5. Empower people! If someone wants to help, allow them the opportunity to help build. 
  6. Meet frequently – meeting each week with your teams is vital. The more you communicate and monitor the process and exchange feedback, the better we all grow from it. 
  7. Demonstrate and train, through scripts, video, pictures, and written processes. Make sure you are using all the learning models while teaching so that you are reaching all learners.
  8. We are here to support his vision. So, our agenda is always to make sure whatever we do, we keep that at the front and center. 
  9. The vision and mission are very clear. We know the DNA of the company and are always delivering that in everything we do. 
  10. Teamwork! Everyone on the team has the same goals and supports one another. We are all living into the values, and support the needs of the team. 

Some questions to ask yourself,

  1. How are you letting go of things so that your team can grow?
  2. Are you allowing others to step in and do the things that allow them to shine? 
  3. What holds you back from letting go? 
  4. When it comes to having systems and processes, where are you getting hung up? 
  5. Who do you need to be in closer proximity to, so that you can grow?

Stay curious and keep growing!

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