How much will you pay for a higher level of awareness?

Mar 05, 2021

This past weekend I spent two days at my mentor’s house. Wow! What a fantastic experience. The home was lovely and allowed me to get out of my everyday environment and be placed in an area of total abundance.

I don’t mean just the extravagance of the house; I mean the richness and abundant mindsets in the room. As we went around the room and I sat and listened intently on what group would like to get out of the next year together, I heard people say things that I would be uncomfortable saying. At that moment, I knew that my mindset would be elevated. So, after the first hour of being in the room, I was challenged!

Maybe those thoughts haven’t entered into my awareness yet. The idea that I could ask for such things! Or perhaps it’s not a belief of mine to claim my riches.

As I sit and reflect on my weekend, I think about the depth of what we focused on. It wasn’t new content; in fact, it was teaching I have heard him speak about many times before. It was actually from a book I own and have studied. However, at this moment in time, it hit me differently. I realized after this weekend, I will no longer be the same. I will look at things from a different perspective. And sometimes, all it takes is that little shift.

I started to think about playing pool. When you hit the Cue ball just slightly differently, the ball goes in a completely different direction. This weekend was not about playing a new game. It was about taking our current game and going deeper into looking at how we are playing and what moves we need to adjust.

What is your learning model of success, and what is your learning model of failure? And how are you going to adjust your strategy so that your results are better?

I was relieved when I understood that this content would be our only focus for the weekend and the entire year. I truly believed that I was in the right room and that I was there on purpose. This was precisely where I am supposed to be.

The main thing we covered is we are the issue. We are the one that gets in our way. It is a You and your deal. Isn’t it so very real? I blamed so many people and things in my life, and meanwhile, all along, it has been me.

And most of the time, it is our thinking. If we just can see things slightly differently.

What just hit me just now as I am writing this is, “you pay to have a higher level of awareness, not for more stuff! “ It’s not about getting more. It’s about seeing differently and doing differently with a new level of understanding.

I was so very thankful that it was the same content and we would be going more in-depth, and at the same time, I sensed a little frustration in my thinking—this is it! This is the thing holding me back. It’s not about learning anything more; It’s not about going faster and catching up to others.

It is about belief, truth, and taking action.

If you are reading this, and perhaps you have something that you have been sitting on that you know in your heart that you are capable of, and yet you haven’t moved. Ask yourself why. Do you believe you can do it? Do you think it’s for you?

I know this feeling. As I sat in the room this weekend, I thought deeply about what stops me from playing full out. And I mean full out! Playing this game of life like no other game. Leaning in and not just leaning into the learning, but to the execution of the very things I say I want.

What is the awareness you need to play your game a little differently to get better results?

If you are interested in learning more about the very things I learned this past weekend, click here:

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