Feb 03, 2021

Did you ever stop dreaming, especially when life doesn’t go your way?

I know what this feels like. Here is a picture of me throwing my whole life into a dumpster! I just moved into what I thought would be my little dream home with my kids and me. I was exposed to Toxic Mold, and I ended up very Ill and found out that this Illness has been in my body for years.

This led me down a three-year disaster financially, in my business, with my health ultimately all of it fell apart. I lost relationships in my business that I loved and valued. My passion was dim, and my flame was about to burn out.

One thing that never died was my hope and faith that this, too, should pass. It is so hard to see that when you are buried and feel the entire world is on top of you, not to give up hope and know you are surrounded by people who are here to guide and encourage you to live fully!

One of the things I did not give up on was on myself. I continue to build dream boards and make plans for myself. I used my imagination to picture myself as wealthy and healthy! I worked on my faith muscle in the most challenging times.

Now one year later, not only did I lose my house, but also one of my businesses from Mold! And mentally, I am thriving more than ever! Not because I hit the 1 million dollar jackpot! Because I have made a bet on myself and put gas on my fire of desire! The desire to do and have more.

My mentor Paul tells me all the time that you are right where you need to be. You are not your current circumstances, and  I am so thrilled that I listened to his voice and that I have time to pour into my life.

Our dreams come at a cost. When we go through things, I believe God is working through us always. I did not understand fully why at the time that I had this happen, but one thing is sure, I believe with all my heart that I wouldn’t be able to serve you on this level without that experience.

I believe you have dreams that need to come to life! Join me in my live workshop, where we will spend 3 hours digging into your goals and creating the life you dream about!

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