Be Committed

Jun 01, 2020

Have you started to train leaders and then heard them  say, “this is not worth  it.” 

I remember sitting at a leadership summit and hearing the speaker say  “Leadership Sucks”! Yes, it sure does! You really have to love and seek growth to be a good leader. 

I’m thinking that when we ask people to be leaders maybe we should say “ This journey is totally going to suck, it will be the hardest thing you have and will ever do. Do you want to come for the ride”? I’m not so sure that would work. 

The way I look at it is...It’s like an Olympic athlete you train your whole life. Every day you wake up trying to get better than the day before. Most of the time there is not so much of a reward, just effort. 

The one person you have to look at all the time is you, how well you train and prepare. When things don’t go well, you have to work on yourself again and again. 

So, if a gymnast wants to sign up to be an Olympian, I am sure the coach would have many conversations with them about the commitment and process of becoming an olympian.

As I sit here and research the difference between an Olympian training and leadership training I see they have a lot in common. It is the mindset and commitment to seeing your success through to the end. And this commitment is all about aligning with what is in your heart because you may go years without seeing the reward. 

       Olympian  Commitment                              Leader Commitment 

Full-time job on top of anything else 

It’s more than a full-time job 

Put in the time (8-10 year before making the team)

To become a leader before getting  the position 

Plan your goals ( 4 years ahead)

Plan your  success 

Put up with pain ( in all conditions)


Constant feedback 

Constant feedback from your team 

Meet regularly with all coaches

Meet regularly with coach and mentors

Get 8- 10 hours sleep 

Be well rested 

Pump up calories 

Take care of your body temple 

Visualization techniques

Visualization techniques 

Seeing through to success

Seeing through the  success in others 

I challenge you moving forward to share this chart with your leaders and show them the commitment they must have as a leader to take on this role. And that they will have some hard times and rough days, but if they see it through to the end, they will find an enormous amount of reward in other people’s growth. 

I look forward to hearing about your success. 


Happy Leading 

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