Be Bold

May 18, 2020

Are you being Bold right now? I know this is a tough time. I also know what tends to happen when times get tough - we get wrapped up in the drama of the moment. We start to think about all things that are happening right now and feel like they are happening to us instead of for us. 

Yes! That is what I said. Imagine if all of this is happening for you. AND trust me when I say, “I am not taking this Corona situation thing lightly.” I know and understand that a lot of pain is happening right now. And now, more than ever, we have to “Be Bold Leaders.” Our family, friends, colleagues, and team need us to stand strong and lead the way. 

So being bold is about taking the first steps, and figuring this out. None of us know fully what this looks like. However, I know in my heart that sitting back and waiting is not an option. Opportunity does not come from fear. 

Being Bold mean going first, Being bold means paving the way in uncertain times. Being bold means showing your kids that fear doesn’t stand a chance. Being bold to me is living from your future, not your past. 

So when it comes to being bold, there are three things that help me to Be bold. I live in the future me! 

  1. Imagine the future. I sit in meditation before I start the day and I align myself with my future self. 
  2. Start with the future and work backward. I think about it - what if I was in the place of my life that I dream about? Being who I dream of becoming, what would the first step I need to take be today? 
  3. I take just one step- Yes take one impossible step and you will see that you will become that impossible. 

Being Bold takes courage and to have a fearless spirit. Today is the day to BE BOLD and live your future self so that you are able to influence others to Be Bold and walk beside you. 

Being bold will bridge the gap from knowing to doing. It is the difference between thinking about where you want to go, to becoming who you need to be, and to go where you want to go. 

Today is the day to BE BOLD! 

Happy Leading!

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