Are You Struggling With Making a Leadershift?

Sep 23, 2020

Are you shifting your Leadership in new times?  I am about to start a new masterclass with my favorite group of Empowered Leaders, starting October 5th.

The Masterclass is all about creating a Shift in your Leadership. We will be discussing topics like The Abundance Shift, The Improvement Shift, The Impact Shift, and The Reproduction shift. These are crazy times for everyone with the Coronavirus and our country in political upheaval. This is a great topic to be discussing at this time and hits very close to home.

I always chalk it up to making two choices - you can either get uncomfortable and grow or you can get uncomfortable and fail! Because as a leader if you are not shifting at this time you will not be around to tell everyone about your growth story!

I really had to learn to shift this year. I have a terrible mold allergy, and now also a chemical sensitivity that prohibits me from going into the salon environment. Imagine a salon owner who cannot be in the salon! So I had to make a decision. My decision was to learn how to become a better leader and really step up and lead my team. There are many areas I have to learn and shift. One of the biggest is in connection. Now that I am not in the salon I have to be way more intentional about how I will spend time with my team.

This isn’t something that I could have foreseen coming. However, I was happy that I have been doing a lot of prep work prior to this such as Leadership training and spending time with the right people that can teach me how to handle this new job role.

What really allowed me to shift at this time was that I already had built an infrastructure and a culture so I had a team that understood what was important to me and to them. We had values in place and growth and communication are two of our top values. So, we spoke about how we will communicate and spend time together each week and how I will become more of a coach for them and empower them to make the right decisions and to lead from our values.

I had to change my entire business structure. My business was built to lean a lot on me. Everyone I hired was waiting for me to inspire them. They really had this expectation that I was the one that should motivate them and tell them which direction to go. And guess what? This was all my fault! I created this dependency. I created that type of salon environment. At the time it suited me, and what I was looking for in my life and career. In the beginning, it was easy to do because I spent my time behind the chair.  Now it’s time for my Education team to inspire them.

Now I am looking for something entirely different. I would like my business to operate without me. I would like to focus on a different area of growth in our company. I would like to create more opportunities for my team to grow with me and be able to look at my employees like partners. This requires a Leader-Shift!  And it requires a new mindset. One that embraces growth, and asking more questions instead of giving answers. It also requires me to trust the people I trained and spent time developing.

In what area of your business do you have to make a shift? Maybe you have new goals or the changing times have put tension on you to do things differently

John Maxwell says- Action reduces Fear and increases courage. So, what action will you take to create a Leader-shift?

If you are looking to grow your leadership and shift, and are looking for people to help you elevate your game, join us in our next Masterclass.




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