Are You Ready To Claim Your Riches?

Nov 06, 2020

Are you ready to claim your riches? Are you ready to claim what is already here and awaiting your arrival?

This is a big topic for me at the moment and has been since I started reading the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill in 2004. 

Initially, I had a hard time with the title of the book, and thereafter, I took a deep dive with my mentor into understanding the 13 principles in the book, I thought this sounds easy, I can do this! And Napoleon himself talks about achieving these principles with no hard work. However, they take persistence and belief, and faith.

This week an employee came up to me because she feels she wants another job so that she can make more money. This is common, we all want more! We were put on this earth to grow and expand. What she didn’t see was that she was already in the right place to make more money.

I find the biggest misconception about this process is that we must do the work. And just like Napoleon says” This does not take hard labour,”  it does take persistence to excel and stand out from the crowd and not get mixed with Mediocrity.

The biggest question is are you ready to claim what is yours? Whether you are an owner of a company or an employee what is stopping you from living full out into your human potential?

See with this employee we gave her what we call an opportunity day. This is a day where she can bring in clients and start to perform as a stylist behind the chair. This was after 8-10 months of training 5 days a week training in the salon and 1 day of hands-on training. Now I have to take some responsibility for the fact that she might not be ready for the floor completely, but this is precisely why we have a day to practice.

When asked about this day she said: “I’m not ready”. Now, let us look at this situation. In my 30 years of being in the education side of the Salon world, I have never met one person that after training said “I’m ready!” Usually what happens is they get thrown on the floor at some point because we need them and they need to build their wings fast!

I use this example because Opportunity comes when you are prepared for it. And what this means is that you ought to prepare right now. You need to fulfil your greatest potential today! You need to claim what is yours today.

The universe is always working through you in some way for your greater good. You may not always know this is happening through you and around you and this is why Faith is so important.

When you are planting the seed of your dream, each day you work toward that dream you are watering that seed. Each day you tackle a step in that direction you are giving that seed some light. When you stop believing in yourself you start to ignore the seed and it slows down or stops the growth. We have to have faith and belief in ourselves so strongly that we can bring that seed to life!

This belief doesn’t take hard work, but it does take persistence and it does take faith and it does take a burning desire to continue watering and bringing sunlight to your dream.

So my question to you is… Are you ready to claim your riches and live fully into your potential? 

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