Discover how to get your new talent stylist on the floor faster, build effective communication, and keep your clients coming back!!!




How to take your team from technical to transformational?

Transformational training is hands-down the most effective way to TRAIN your team so you can Attract ‘em, Retain ‘em, and Keep clients coming back with an extraordinary experience!

And transformational training is the very best way to build consistency and boost profits!



Transformational training is the most effective way to grow and retain your team… And when your training works and your team is in sync, you become an unstoppable force! 
  1. Learn everything you need to know about how to lead your program.
  2. Cultivate your training vision and learn how to Share with, Engage, and Empower your team.
  3. Design a customized training that works for you and your team.
  4. Discover the tools that create effective communication and make them repeatable.
  5. Downloadable and customizable systems that are easy for you to implement without the stress of trying to do it all yourself.
  6. Discover the mindset to keep your team focused and in the game.
  7. Learn the process of multiplying your leadership, so you are not doing it all alone.
  8. Learn to find your teams’ strengths and unique abilities and let them soar.
  9. Get your new talents on the floor doing hair quicker and profiting faster.
  10. Build a confident team that makes decisions you can be proud of.
Pay In Full
3 Monthly Payment

What Our Clients Say

❝ My team and I had many takeaways that will serve us very well in our years ahead. I hear and see them using the tips and skills as they work with guests, and it makes me smile. Having to commit to a series of weeks and homework and repetition was the catalyst that really made this a game-changer. I would definitely recommend this class and would love to keep using it for my new talent stylists as they start their career journey – and even for those stylists that have been on their journey but have not mastered their career game yet! 

Patti Meade 

Owner, stylist, and coach

❝ I was fortunate to have stumbled upon Christine’s FB group, The Rich Stylist. It landed in my feed at the most perfect moment while I was going through a major life change and questioning my purpose.

After joining her social media group, attending her Monday Mindset Recharges and her most recent Mastermind, a veil was lifted and I found clarity. Through Christine’s teachings, she led me to discover for myself that everything will come in it’s right time and a weight was lifted from my mind. A new way of looking at things came from following her guidance and doing the work.

She encouraged me to start each day with five minutes of meditation, journaling and reading from a spiritual book. I am optimistic as I navigate this new life and I do so with ease since working with Christine has shifted my perception and gives my faith that all is well.

Christine’s good vibes, high energy, calmness and common sense approach to teaching universal truths have affected immediate change in my view of life. She has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter and effectuate growth. She has added so much value to my life. I feel blessed to work with her and I’m a better person for it.

Eve Durak


❝ If you are just starting out in your hairdressing career or have been cutting hair for years and would like to upskill for today’s hairdressing cutting skills, you need to check out Mindset and Mastery with Christine Zilinski, owner and educator of Salon Concrete. Having just completed the course, it has taken me to a new level in consultation, customer service, and haircutting skill. Working in the industry for over 30 years, I enjoy learning from the best, and Christine was brilliant. The theory and practical work were first-class. You know it’s good when you are excited to get into the classroom! I would like to thank you, Christine, for sharing your gift for haircutting and your experiences. Your class was a learning platform from beginning to end, and I look forward to your next one. This is a class not to be missed. 

Thomas Downes


Build Your Training Program in 90 Days

A course that takes your team from technical to transformational results. We all know that technical training accounts for 20% of the results. What about the other 80%? This training goes beyond the haircut and color and addresses all the hidden secrets to what makes an extraordinary experience happen every time.

Who is this program for?

In short, Build Your Training Program in 90 Days will serve you if you…

  • Have a team in the beauty industry 
  • Want more for yourself and your team 
  • Want to empower your team
More specifically, Build Your Training Program in 90 Days is a great resource for you if you are a Salon Owner who is…
  • Tired of spending hours getting inconsistent results from your team
  • Exhausted saying the same thing over and over
  • Unsure about how to execute a training program
  • Unclear of what to put in the program  
  • Ready to build a cohesive team
  • Excited to learn how to empower your team  

My mentor John C. Maxwell says, “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

Neither will this course! I can give you the seeds and the promise that if you plant them,
you will reap the rewards. But that middle step requires your action.

This course is not for you if you are…

Unsure if you want to do the work

Not serious about Leading your team to greatness

Expecting the results to come without the investment of your time and effort

What you need to know about Build Your Training Program in 90 Days

I am keeping this course membership very small – limited to 20 Salon Owners. And the course will be 50% off this launch only. This will not last!


We will walk through a leadership component on each of the modules that directly aligns with the lessons that we will be building that week. For instance, this is not only about building a process, it is also about navigating your leadership and the road map for empowering your team to follow through and get results.


In my career as a Salon Owner, one thing I know for certain is that we cannot manage people – we have to manage the systems.

Systems are most important and any successful business owner will tell you that! The balance of understanding process and people is where the magic happens. This is where we will build and design the simple processes that your team can manage without you.


Systems and technical training are important – I’ll be the first to say that! But the right mindset multiplies techniques and results. Being intentional with positive behaviors in your company is crucial. From consultations, salon flow, cutting and color techniques, and marketing your business – when your team does this with purpose, they soar and so does your business!

Pay In Full
3 Monthly Payment

100% Money-Back Guarantee


As a salon owner, I only worked with stylists whose skills I trusted completely.

But even with such talented stylists, sometimes clients would still call in saying they were looking for something different.

They were taking advantage of our one-week recut policy. You get home, you wash your hair, you see the cut in a new light, and if you don’t like it, you have one week to get it fixed.

And we would fix it for them. We’d make sure our customers were satisfied!

And I’m the same Christine I was when I owned the salon. I want to do right by you.

If you purchase the course now, go through the work when the course starts, and within two weeks you’re not happy, I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked (except, how can I improve the course?).

I know you are probably wondering, How does this work?

Build Your Training Program in 90 Days is a roadmap to transformation. It is not just a program that teaches your team how to do hair technically. It is a roadmap that gives you and your team a clear path with 90-day timelines that align with your vision, and when linked with purpose, leadership, and mindset, this transforms your team from technical to transformational. 

Let me show you what's waiting for you inside the Build Your Training Program in 90 Days once you join the community.

 12 Modules- Here’s a  sneak peak!

  1. Discover how to get clear on your vision and unleash the power of your team.
    They say confused people do not buy! Your team is buying into your vision, and if they are confused, they will not buy what it is you are offering. So if you don’t know where you’re going, how will your team know how to get there?
  2. Explore the difference between goal-setting and goal-achieving, and bring your vision into reality. Understand the process of unleashing your intuitive entrepreneurial power so that you can navigate your team to their vision.
  3. Build the structure and pillars of your training program so that they are bulletproof and work like a machine that anyone can operate without the stress of managing people.
  4. Discover the secrets of leadership and communication that will have your team wanting to follow and stay with you! Engage your team with a shared level of respect that will empower them to tap into their unique abilities and strengths.
  5. Explore the one-on-one coaching that will ignite your team members to take action on their goals and explore new opportunities with more confidence.
  6. Learn the sneaky way of getting your New Talents on the floor quicker without compromising the quality of the service and engage your entire team in the process.
  7. Build your Services wheels and Road Map your training and start to create consistency in your business.
  8. Map out a plan to multiply your leadership in your business by developing a path for trainers.
  9. Create the beginning stages of your technical training with your styling wheel with ease by following a step-by-step guide to breathe consistent finishing results.
  10. Devise the best way to teach your team the 6 essential haircuts that will keep your clients running to pre-book their next appointment.
  11. Develop a color training that will help you to maximize profits by utilizing your new talents while training.
  12. Learn to leverage your training opportunities by having your apprentices be your number one marketing resource.

What will you receive in this training?

Step-by-Step Training Videos

Each week, there will be lessons to complete towards the finished program. For that exponential expansion you’re shooting for, you’ll need to change the way you think. Mindset and Leadership are truly what set you apart. This course lays a solid foundation with 12 video training modules + 1 bonus module for marketing and branding covering the ins, outs, ups, downs, inclusive of the 7 lessons for each module most adaptable to your team’s needs. I will walk you through each area in detail!

Weekly Lessons

Each week, there will be lessons to complete towards the finished program. For that exponential expansion you’re shooting for, you’ll need to change the way you think. Mindset and Leadership are truly what set you apart.

12 Live Weekly Coaching Calls

You’ve got questions; I’ve got answers (or ideas)! With Build Your Training Program in 90 Days, you can jump on live weekly coaching calls to get feedback, information, and inspiration. These are recorded, too, so you can listen over and over or catch up if you missed them. All calls will be held Mondays and Tuesdays. (Look out for bonus office hours calls too!)

Downloadable PDFs

For DIY processes, quick-reference guides and mindset tools to help you grow are available at the click of a button. Print them out to follow along longhand or use them on your computer with the click of a button – whatever works for you! It can get overwhelming when you’ve got a goal and lots of stuff to sort through before achieving it. Your dream is important to me, so you’ll get a comprehensive course roadmap outlining your journey through Build Your Training Program in 90 Days. I’ve also included a course workbook to guide your note-taking and help your retention.

Exclusive Build Your Training Program community

When you invest in Build Your Training Program in 90 Days, you open the door to an online community of business owners just like you. We’re all in this together on this entrepreneurial journey! Whether you want to collaborate, network, socialize, ask questions, or just want some moral support, the Build Your Training Program in 90 Days community is here to help!

Course Roadmap & Workbook

It can get overwhelming when you’ve got a goal and lots of stuff to sort through before achieving it. Your dream is important to me, so you’ll get a comprehensive course roadmap outlining your journey through Build Your Training Program in 90 Days. I’ve also included a course workbook to guide your note-taking and help your retention.

Lifetime Access

All this, and it’s forever! The live coaching calls will be recorded and uploaded to the portal so you can listen to them and refer back to the many other resources, as often as you like.



But Wait… There’s More!


So, how do you break the cycle?

 Let’s go back to the reason you got into the beauty business.

You wanted to give a gift of Beauty and  to transform. You wanted to change the way that people saw themselves.

Well, you can’t give what you don’t have. If you want to transform others, you have to start a transformation yourself.

Without a clear path to grow, we get caught in that cycle that sucks us dry - financially, physically, and emotionally.

Black arrow

That’s right…we’ve got bonus features! If you join Build Your Training Program in this special, limited-time-only pre-release sale, you’ll get access to these bonus resources…


  1. BONUS #2: The 7 STEPS TO 6 FIGURES - Get 50% off After Joining
  1. BONUS #5: FREE KICK-OFF VIRTUAL SESSION - 1 hour coaching session with me and the team to kick off their training program

I know you might be wondering, “How much?


The mistake most Salon Owners make is they think they will attempt to just build it themselves because it will be faster and less expensive. What they don’t take into account is the distractions that get in the way. 


Or worse…


They spend the time and build it, and no one follows what they have built. This is wasted time and money that could be used for other areas of your business.  


The costs associated with these mistakes are absolutely far more expensive than the cost of this program. 


For a limited number of Salon Owners, this course is an investment of $1,497–50% off the original cost – a fraction of what I spent learning these strategies from experts over my 35-year career.


Build Your Training Program in 90 Days is a proven program! If you are ready to start empowering your team, attracting high-performers, and giving clients an extraordinary experience, I’m ready to help!


Here is what you are getting inside Build Your Training Program in 90 Days


Build Your Training Program in 90 Days is a step-by-step training that guides you through 12 Modules–each module includes 7 steps that come with a video description breaking down in detail each step. 

Lifetime access to all materials 

Getting your team up and running fast is a game-changer, and getting your team engaged is everything!

Maybe you are wearing so many hats and are too tired of even thinking about something new

Salon Owners– we all got into this business because we wanted to Create. Empower. Transform.


And without a clear path for our team to follow and grow, we all eventually face a time when they outgrow us.


MULTITASKING between teaching and working behind the chair might be in your strength zone and comfort zone, I get it! 


However, it’s time to adopt new skills and strategies that will help you to elevate your leadership and make room for your team to rise and become an Entrepreneur in your business. 


This Transformational Training gives you back control of your time, enables you to empower your team, and gives you the ability to experience explosive growth. 


 You must go with in or you will go without! 


I had no time left for leisure, for family – there wasn’t even time for self-care.


And I still had so little to show for it. I was only barely getting ahead each week. I wanted to keep doing what I loved, but at the same time, it was wearing me down!


So I looked to the foremost voices in business and leadership development – leaders whose teachings had helped me as I grew to a leadership coach like leaders, John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, and Brendon Burchard – and I began asking: What am I missing? How do I get to where I want to go?


And after diving deep with the experts, I realized I was working backwards. I was living my life by default not by design! 


I began scaling back so that I could scale up.


I set the foundation for a new quality of results, got clarity on vision, and started to gain confidence as a leader and implement the training processes my business needed to be successful.


After I incorporated my Transformational Training program, my new approach to training, I had time for my top priorities again: my family, my health, and my future.


Financially, I wasn’t just getting ahead – I was going farther, faster, and growing more than I ever had before.


Emotionally, I was fulfilled and found joy! I no longer was relying on anyone else to make me feel good. 


I had a new level of trust in the team and I started to notice the good in
everyone around me.


Over the course of a year, I saw my team go from surviving to thriving!


I saw them come alive with a new purpose, confidence, and freedom with authority  – technically, financially, and mentally. The more I mentored, the more I watched this mindset transition turn solo player to lead players! 


I’ve been helping Salon Owners on this journey for 30 years now, and in that time, I’ve tweaked and perfected these principles into a formula for Salon Owners’ Success.  Not some suggestions or helpful hints – a step-by-step Road Map for faster and better results!


…exponential, Entrepreneurial growth… 


Adopting a powerful mindset with Leadership skills to raise the lid on your capacity and others and ignites your team.

Pay In Full
3 Monthly Payment

Success is a 3-way street: Technical, Leadership, and Mindset Mastery.

If you’re anything like I was, most of your beauty experience was about perfecting your technique. That only got me halfway. I started to find myself saying, "I do hair well, now what?"


And don’t get me wrong! Technical mastery is absolutely essential. You want your team to be technically sound and your clients to love their hair, you want them to know that you’re the expert, and you yourself want to have confidence that you’re the expert. There’s no growth – no styling, even – without it!


But Leadership and mindset are the foundation – the starting place that real growth…


…exponential, Entrepreneurial growth… 


Mapping out a business training strategy that works without you, and adopting a powerful mindset with Leadership skills to raise the lid on your capacity and sets something brand new in motion – ignites your growth and paves your way to Entrepreneurship.

Questions? Find Your Answers Here

How Much Did You Say?

My course, Build Your Training Program in 90 Days, is available for $1497 for a limited time and limited to 20 Salon Owners.

But that $1497.00 is an investment

An investment in your goals.

An investment in your confidence.

An investment in your income potential.

An investment in your client relationships.


Invest today and expect returns! 

Pay In Full
3 Monthly Payment

“Build Your Training Program In 90 Days…”

How to take your team from technical to transformational

Transformational training is hands-down the most effective way to TRAIN your team so you can Attract ‘em, Retain ‘em, and Keep clients coming back with an extraordinary experience! 

And transformational training is the very best way to build consistency and boost profits!

Just For $1497

Get 10% Off Today!

(You''ll get a 10% or $149 Off from the total price if you booked or paid before the deadline on August 31,2022)