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When it comes to Leadership, one man is highly regarded as THE expert, John C Maxwell. 

His timeless book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership,” has profoundly impacted many lives, including ours. 
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership premise is that there are 21 “laws.” 
These are “Laws,” not ideas or theories. 
John Maxwell is not suggesting that they are to be followed; he asserts them as LAW.
They are “Irrefutable”; hence, arguing them would be pointless. 
Instead, embrace the Laws as you learn them, and we know that you will be more successful.
In our 3 part workshop, we will cover 3 of these laws and one of them is...

The Law of The Lid

All four of us, Christine Tina, Nuala & Rosemary, found that this was the lesson that gave us the biggest AHA! 

We started to understand that our teams and business would always come under but never go above or higher than our leadership ability. 

Ouch, this lesson hurt…why you may ask? Well, we did not know what we did not know. It challenged our thinking, and we knew that if we could get a handle on this law, we would see an incredible impact in every aspect of our lives.

  • If we were not growing, our team and business could not succeed. 

It didn't matter how hard we worked. Nothing was changing in our business, and we knew that we had to become students of leadership and that this was a skill that we could develop. 

  • We learned that no one does all of the laws well. 

This was such a relief because we do not know about you, but we all thought we had to know it all because we were the "Leaders" We learned to bring our leadership team around us that they will do for you what you cannot do for yourself.

It felt so good when we started to understand the real power behind this quality.

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Your Certified John Maxwell Team Facilitators

Christine Zilinski

  •  10 years working as a stylist/educator for Vidal Sassoon 
  • Trainings as a certified strategies coach
  • 20 Years - Owner Concrete, salon, and education
  • John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Speaker & Trainer
  • TEDx Speaker 

Rosemary Tejeda

  • Based in Long Island NY
  • Has been in the beauty business now for 30 years Master stylist and colorist
  • Director of Education  for 20 years
  • John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Speaker & Trainer
  • Artistic Team/Educator member of Vivienne Mackinder for 15years

Tina Black

  • Owns four Paul Mitchell Schools
  • Co-Owner Paul Mitchel, The Salon
  • Created student-run Be Nice Teams
  • John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Speaker & Trainer
  • Keynote Speaker and Author

Nuala Guildea

  • 30+ years of experience in the professional beauty industry.
  • Owned and operated salons and spas.
  • Coaching and Consulting salon owners and leaders.
  • Former Vidal Sassoon
  • Former GM  @ ARROJO NYC
  • John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Speaker & Trainer